Week 10 Blog

Reflecting on what appeals:

YouTube is one of the most used sites on the internet. It appeals to me as it is so very well structured and designed. The logo of a YouTube site can have a big effect on the overall website. The thumb nail of the video plays a big part as well and is very prominent for the design aspect.


As the colour red is very prominent and reoccurring on YouTube, this encourages impulsivity for people to watch videos that they see, without thinking about it. This is a very technical attribute to YouTube’s design. There is also a massive use of photos and graphics all over YouTube to where the content is very attractive and lures in peoples attention.  These examples along with many more is why YouTube is successful as it is.

Reviewing my Blog:

The Layout is very clean and with the addition of the links makes it very efficient to go to the desired blog. The layout is easy to read and I have used various headings for all different aspects. These headings are highlighting the objectives and displaying what the section of the blog will be about, I have used white space in many sections of the blog to avoid overcrowding for the viewers eyes.


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Week 9 Blog

Reviewing two examples of curation:



Website 1
The TripAdvisor website focus’ on quality pictures and easy captions which people to their destination of reaching their desired hotel. This would be very efficient for anyone looking to book a hotel. The pictures have easy to access more tabs which open the information about a hotel much more. It provides reviews, ratings, prices and many pictures to explore. This is a very efficient way to get in and out of certain hotels as you can dip between various hotels quickly to determine which hotel is for you.


There is also categories of hotels which you can search such as luxury, romance, family and bargain just to name a few. This would be easily used by anyone as it is very clear. It also provides a very easy narrowing down of which hotel the user wants.

Website 2

The Second website has a large amount of information for each hotel. This makes it very difficult to scan a decent amount of hotels without searching for hours. All the information is one after another with each hotel after another, this makes it long to read through all of the hotels as there is a very large amount of content just to describe the hotel.

As you can see the amount of information needed to be scanned through to find the desired hotel is below.


This website does have a good use of titles and does have a massive amount of important information involved for each hotel. This large amount of content is very good for the website, but on the other hand the way it is laid out makes it very frustrating for the user.

Review of Storify:


The intended audience is people who would be interested in the news. I learnt a fair bit about the event that happened and realised what a tragic event it was. If anything was to be added it would be more information and people’s opinions on the event. This would give more of an impact to the storify. Overall it is a well done Storify which displays hard news which is quite difficult to do in this format, but in this Storify it has been done in a successful way which should be commended.


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Week 8 Blog

Personally using a network:

Using a certain network such as twitter to show interests on a certain topic is a good standard use. This network could display an interest of soccer which allows the giving of information about soccer, the tips/tricks and specifics of it. This over time has a high chance of gaining a following and interest of the public which can ultimately turn a standard soccer player into a professional

Professionally using a network:

There are many ways to professionally use a network. For example if you have a large following on twitter, you would be able to advertise products for a certain company on your site, sometimes for a large amounts of money. Your network will soon become a billboard to where you advertise many different things.


Review of the social media network:

Twitter is a social media sight which has many positives to it. The site is very efficient to use, and with the use of tags you can easily find your way around to what you want to see. The network is very popular allowing some people have millions of followers. Having followers can be a good thing as they could be fans, friends or just simply be interested in what you are posting. Having a lot of followers can result in wealthiness if treated professionally.

The interface of twitter is very user friendly and can be used easily by anyone! It is a very easy way to connect with friends, fans, idols, celebrities, sports stars or even certain companies or businesses. It is just like having all your favorite people in your house whenever you want them. This is an advantage as it allows for easy contact between friends and fans as well as a fast way to contact people who they desire.

You can pretty much use twitter how you want as there are many different things you can do and have access to. Some people use twitter for the news, some use it to find out gossip and scandals whilst others just use it for the interaction with people. You can use twitter to ask a question to people all over the world and get an answer back in seconds rather than hours. Finally, you may also use twitter to find yourself employment as there are many people and businesses hiring throughout the network, find out what is trending and what other peoples opinions of topics and events are.


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Week 7 Blog

Reviewing Assignment 1

The first proofread I did, I found a few sentences that didn’t make sense or were worded in a non effective manner so I adjusted them to make the reading sound much smoother. This occurred in about 3 or 4 instances. On the second proofread I found a few grammar and punctuation mistakes which I soon fixed, however, I do not know if I fixed them all as there’s always problems such as simply missing things. It was very helpful with the use of a checklist, which made the whole reviewing stage much more efficient and straight to the point of figuring out what can be better and what needs to be changed.

Reviewing website:


There are many stories on the newsletter, most which are very short describing stories and are a link to somewhere else to get more information. These target a vast majority of the audience as there is a lot of variety to where the viewer can go and what they can do. If I was a science journalist, I would definitely follow up on more facts about the crocodile and post them on the front page rather than having the information specific and spread out over various links and pages. The page has its pros and cons.Read More

Some effective parts are the amount of content; there is a large amount of content which is able to be found and extracted. There is also a lot of contact information for any help. Some downfalls are that it doesn’t show the information straight away but rather you have to work for the information, by searching through the site. The ‘read more’ is a very efficient part of the site as well as it is very clear and shows a vast amount of information quickly and easily to those in need.


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Week 6 Blog

Captions tell a story

Waking up and heating up coffee machine by pressing the on button.


The Coffee machine displays ‘heating up’ message.


Coffee Machine is heated and ready to go!


Getting milk ready to be heated.


Place heated milk in cup below.


Coffee is being dispatched into cup.


Stirring to mix milk and coffee.


About to enjoy my cup of coffee.

Cirque de soleil media kit review:


The supplementary media for the Varekai is a decent use of media as it has lots of positives to it such as good structure, clarity and its efficiency. However, in my opinion, some areas it could be more to the point information. The information follows a very good descending order of importance with the most important facts right at the start in the overview.

There is a vast amount of sources and information in this website where you could almost get knowledge on any part of the play you wanted. The site shows and explains the play very well and into quite a bit of detail.


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Week 5 Blog


My Parents Michelle and David Stewart have many things which are important to them in life. I conducted an interview and at first glance the results seemed to be very similar, but after looking through them into a bit more detail I uncovered there were some differences among the similarities.

Both Mum and Dad said that their family and work were on their highest list of what is most important to them, but both for different reasons.

Michelle implied that work was important to keep herself busy and live a happy life; “I don’t like working, but when I don’t work, I don’t know what to do to keep myself busy. But overall the advantages of keeping myself busy and gaining income to live a happy life makes it all worth it” said Michelle.


For Michelle this was a good reason to work; to keep herself busy, and have income to live a happy life. Michelle considered herself content with work and was assured that is why it is important to her.

On the other hand David explained that he worked to support the family to have income for the family and for when he retires. David explained he didn’t particularly like many aspects of work but rather does it because it needs to be done. “I don’t really like anything about work, but it has to be done to support the family and have enough income to support myself for when I retire. I don’t think I would work if there was no income” said David.


This shows that David does not have any reason or enjoyment to working other than income, whilst Michelle uses work to keep herself busy and live a happy life.

This was interesting as what was important to them was so similar. But the reasons behind the importance’s were so different.

Article of impact:


This article has a massive impact though many aspects involved. There is extensive sources of the event which go into deep detail. This gives a strong sense of the devastation which happened. These sources are very confronting, especially the source with the father nurturing his daughter as it shows their connection. Unfortunately it unveils how that connection is now vanished which makes a very sorrowful mood. The speech in the article was powerful through the use of very strong descriptive words. The reporting was done in a way to deliver hard news which is very appropriate for this article.

sadThis article is a good example of journalism and media writing as it has many aspects which are key to having a successful article. These include:

  • There is a smooth flow, and good transition
  • Follows the inverted pyramid structure with events clearly written at top of article
  • It really emphasises the content

Gives all of the information you would expect that would be wanted with clarity

Mail Online, (2015). Israeli soldier aims at veiled Palestinian teen, who was then shot. [online] Available at: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3245438/Dramatic-moment-Israeli-soldier-points-rifle-veiled-teenage-Palestinian-student-shot-dead-moments-later-attempting-stab-West-Bank-checkpoint-guard.html [Accessed 24 Sep. 2015].

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Week 4 Blog

Planning For Assignment 3:

Possible events:

-Yeppoon City Slider
-Rockhampton home show and camping, caravan, camping, 4×4 and fishing expo.

I plan to cover one of these events in depth by extracting as much information and opinions on the events. It should be rather easy to get information and photos from these events. There are many aspects to both of these events that I would like to cover such as the publics opinions on the event, how everything went for the organizers, and if they plan to do the event again, as well as any bonus aspects which I can find.

Why Planning is important:

  • Planing makes the objectives which you want to achieve much clearer.
  • Planning creates ideas which may not have been come across without planning.
  • Planning makes decision making much more clear.


Issues with the poorly written story:
Website: http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/robert-pattinson-talks-about-his-new-film-the-rover-with-dave-oneil-20140619-zs99j.html

The story veered off topic and talked way too much about Pattinson’s body guard rather than Pattinson himself. There was a massive overuse of the words ‘It has’, ‘It is’ and ‘It was’. This causes the flow of the story very unpleasant to read. The title suggests that the story is about Pattinson talking about his new film but instead rather it is O’neil’s point of view for most of the story. This shows that the title is misleading and not as relevant as it should be. There is also a lot of information which is very irrelevant to the story and describes too much about certain things which are not productive towards reaching the overview of the story. There is also very little structure to this and all different segments are scrambled throughout the story.

What is good about the well written story:
Website: http://www.agforceqld.org.au/index.php?tgtPage=news&id=view,478

This news story has excellent structure as it puts the most important details at the start of the story whilst the not so important details towards the end. Essentially it is following the structure of the inverted pyramid.

News story structure

The story also posts essential facts very clearly, and has spaced out each part of critical information to make it easy to find and read.

The story also has a good use of quotes, which shows the perspective of the actual person.

It also has survey statistics which works well as evidence for specific details on the story.

Finally, there is a link to where you can ask for enquiries which is very helpful for certain people.


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Week 3 Blog

Reflection on blog:

Storify is a very useful website to reflect on events which have taken place. It allows the use of many different social media sites to create stories based off posts from these sites.


Storify tends to reflect on events which have happened in certain ways and turn them into a flip board where many pictures are necessary to show what is going on. Although this may be very useful in some ways it may be over use of pictures and also an unnecessary amount of specification as very few people would be interested in that amount of specific detail.

I can see how this site can be of value for some aspects, but I cannot see it being used in a front line media source but more so a ‘More information’ section. Also with the explicit amount of detai, Storify, in my opinion would not be a good medium for cases of hard news. It is not seen as a serious source of news and most hard news would not be taken as serious as it should be in this format. As for soft news, and news which would be reflecting on someones experience, I can see this site being of great use and value.

Events/Issues in different medias:

A broadcast of the 2014 world cup was focusing very much on the winners and how they won rather than anything else.

World Cup-1

The leading paragraph focuses on congratulating the winning team of the tournament. There is a substantial difference to an online website of this scenario where the leading paragraph is giving the facts and the who/what/when/where’s. This method is certainly much more direct, and straight to the point in giving information rather than a broadcast where there is less congratulation and celebration. The newspaper of the event is much more celebratory than both of these as there are whole pages dedicated to writing a celebratory piece rather than information.


In my opinion, the online version of information is much more efficient to find out the specific details of the event. In this case, I find the broadcast gets to the point much faster than the newspaper as well. If I was looking to find out information on this post I would definitely pick the article, however, if I already knew what happened I would definitely pick the broadcast. This is due to the fact all the information is read to you and recapped much faster than a newspaper would be.


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Week 2 Blog

Top stories in Queensland are: #auspol #innovation and @ubercool. Many more seen in the following:


There are various tweets about different commodities but news stories seem to be becoming very assertive and clear when delivering a message. On the other hand, there are some tweets which are aimed towards creativity and other activites.

There are many examples of tweets being used as news stories, an example is:

Blog 2

There is a large amount of advertisement for events and other conventions on twitter due to its ability to manipulate adverts in different ways and forms. An example of advertisement is:


Queensland Australia is advertising for this particular festival.

I did not have much problem finding these adverts as there were an abundance to choose from. This shows that there is quite a vast amount of all of these out there and it is happening extensively. I did have a few problems trying to find what was trending in my area as there were no trending tags on trendsmap.com. Therefore, I extended the range and considered all of Queensland to be in my local area.


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Week 1 Blog

Review on how the same story is represented in many different ways:

A- http://www.nrl.com/nrl-takes-control-of-goldcoasttitans/tabid/10871/newsid/84020/default.aspx

B- http://www.goldcoastbulletin.com.au/sport/nrl/five -year-blueprint-convinced-nrl-boss-to-savetitans-just-weeks-before-gold-coast-nrl-clubwould-have-folded/story-fnj9yd9w- 1227237781936

C- http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-02-24/nrltakes-over-control-of-gold-coast-titans-amiddrugs-scandal/6247574

In the first story (a) the intended audience is for the people who are associated with the club whether it be on the committee or simply public support. The story is directed towards ensuring that the club remains in the competition which is reinforced by an important statement by David Smith (CEO).Blog1-1

“In other words, it is an important day for fans, the club and its sponsors,” he said. This is suggesting that David Smith is trying to assure the fans that everything is on a positive side for the club and that the event is not so much on the negative side.

The second story’s article (b) appeared to have the interest of the intended audience of the sport as more conflict was brought up and many suggestions were made about the club and not so much about the scandals/actions. Instead it was more about the struggling of the club and how it needed to be saved. This was evident through David Smith’s statement which convinced the codes boss to save the embattled club. This represents the club as struggling through the use of the word embattled.

The third story (c) is focused more towards the general public as there was high mention of drug scandals and cocaine supply. This is reinforced as there is minimal focus towards where the club stands compared to the other articles. Also, it is reflected through the main headline, “The NRL has taken over ownership of the Gold Coast Titans in wake of the cocaine supply scandal engulfing the club”, which is showing that the third story is focusing much more on the drama of the event rather than the security of the club.


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