Week 1 Blog

Review on how the same story is represented in many different ways:

A- http://www.nrl.com/nrl-takes-control-of-goldcoasttitans/tabid/10871/newsid/84020/default.aspx

B- http://www.goldcoastbulletin.com.au/sport/nrl/five -year-blueprint-convinced-nrl-boss-to-savetitans-just-weeks-before-gold-coast-nrl-clubwould-have-folded/story-fnj9yd9w- 1227237781936

C- http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-02-24/nrltakes-over-control-of-gold-coast-titans-amiddrugs-scandal/6247574

In the first story (a) the intended audience is for the people who are associated with the club whether it be on the committee or simply public support. The story is directed towards ensuring that the club remains in the competition which is reinforced by an important statement by David Smith (CEO).Blog1-1

“In other words, it is an important day for fans, the club and its sponsors,” he said. This is suggesting that David Smith is trying to assure the fans that everything is on a positive side for the club and that the event is not so much on the negative side.

The second story’s article (b) appeared to have the interest of the intended audience of the sport as more conflict was brought up and many suggestions were made about the club and not so much about the scandals/actions. Instead it was more about the struggling of the club and how it needed to be saved. This was evident through David Smith’s statement which convinced the codes boss to save the embattled club. This represents the club as struggling through the use of the word embattled.

The third story (c) is focused more towards the general public as there was high mention of drug scandals and cocaine supply. This is reinforced as there is minimal focus towards where the club stands compared to the other articles. Also, it is reflected through the main headline, “The NRL has taken over ownership of the Gold Coast Titans in wake of the cocaine supply scandal engulfing the club”, which is showing that the third story is focusing much more on the drama of the event rather than the security of the club.


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