Week 3 Blog

Reflection on blog:

Storify is a very useful website to reflect on events which have taken place. It allows the use of many different social media sites to create stories based off posts from these sites.


Storify tends to reflect on events which have happened in certain ways and turn them into a flip board where many pictures are necessary to show what is going on. Although this may be very useful in some ways it may be over use of pictures and also an unnecessary amount of specification as very few people would be interested in that amount of specific detail.

I can see how this site can be of value for some aspects, but I cannot see it being used in a front line media source but more so a ‘More information’ section. Also with the explicit amount of detai, Storify, in my opinion would not be a good medium for cases of hard news. It is not seen as a serious source of news and most hard news would not be taken as serious as it should be in this format. As for soft news, and news which would be reflecting on someones experience, I can see this site being of great use and value.

Events/Issues in different medias:

A broadcast of the 2014 world cup was focusing very much on the winners and how they won rather than anything else.

World Cup-1

The leading paragraph focuses on congratulating the winning team of the tournament. There is a substantial difference to an online website of this scenario where the leading paragraph is giving the facts and the who/what/when/where’s. This method is certainly much more direct, and straight to the point in giving information rather than a broadcast where there is less congratulation and celebration. The newspaper of the event is much more celebratory than both of these as there are whole pages dedicated to writing a celebratory piece rather than information.


In my opinion, the online version of information is much more efficient to find out the specific details of the event. In this case, I find the broadcast gets to the point much faster than the newspaper as well. If I was looking to find out information on this post I would definitely pick the article, however, if I already knew what happened I would definitely pick the broadcast. This is due to the fact all the information is read to you and recapped much faster than a newspaper would be.


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