Week 7 Blog

Reviewing Assignment 1

The first proofread I did, I found a few sentences that didn’t make sense or were worded in a non effective manner so I adjusted them to make the reading sound much smoother. This occurred in about 3 or 4 instances. On the second proofread I found a few grammar and punctuation mistakes which I soon fixed, however, I do not know if I fixed them all as there’s always problems such as simply missing things. It was very helpful with the use of a checklist, which made the whole reviewing stage much more efficient and straight to the point of figuring out what can be better and what needs to be changed.

Reviewing website:


There are many stories on the newsletter, most which are very short describing stories and are a link to somewhere else to get more information. These target a vast majority of the audience as there is a lot of variety to where the viewer can go and what they can do. If I was a science journalist, I would definitely follow up on more facts about the crocodile and post them on the front page rather than having the information specific and spread out over various links and pages. The page has its pros and cons.Read More

Some effective parts are the amount of content; there is a large amount of content which is able to be found and extracted. There is also a lot of contact information for any help. Some downfalls are that it doesn’t show the information straight away but rather you have to work for the information, by searching through the site. The ‘read more’ is a very efficient part of the site as well as it is very clear and shows a vast amount of information quickly and easily to those in need.


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