Week 10 Blog

Reflecting on what appeals:

YouTube is one of the most used sites on the internet. It appeals to me as it is so very well structured and designed. The logo of a YouTube site can have a big effect on the overall website. The thumb nail of the video plays a big part as well and is very prominent for the design aspect.


As the colour red is very prominent and reoccurring on YouTube, this encourages impulsivity for people to watch videos that they see, without thinking about it. This is a very technical attribute to YouTube’s design. There is also a massive use of photos and graphics all over YouTube to where the content is very attractive and lures in peoples attention.  These examples along with many more is why YouTube is successful as it is.

Reviewing my Blog:

The Layout is very clean and with the addition of the links makes it very efficient to go to the desired blog. The layout is easy to read and I have used various headings for all different aspects. These headings are highlighting the objectives and displaying what the section of the blog will be about, I have used white space in many sections of the blog to avoid overcrowding for the viewers eyes.


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