Week 9 Blog

Reviewing two examples of curation:



Website 1
The TripAdvisor website focus’ on quality pictures and easy captions which people to their destination of reaching their desired hotel. This would be very efficient for anyone looking to book a hotel. The pictures have easy to access more tabs which open the information about a hotel much more. It provides reviews, ratings, prices and many pictures to explore. This is a very efficient way to get in and out of certain hotels as you can dip between various hotels quickly to determine which hotel is for you.


There is also categories of hotels which you can search such as luxury, romance, family and bargain just to name a few. This would be easily used by anyone as it is very clear. It also provides a very easy narrowing down of which hotel the user wants.

Website 2

The Second website has a large amount of information for each hotel. This makes it very difficult to scan a decent amount of hotels without searching for hours. All the information is one after another with each hotel after another, this makes it long to read through all of the hotels as there is a very large amount of content just to describe the hotel.

As you can see the amount of information needed to be scanned through to find the desired hotel is below.


This website does have a good use of titles and does have a massive amount of important information involved for each hotel. This large amount of content is very good for the website, but on the other hand the way it is laid out makes it very frustrating for the user.

Review of Storify:


The intended audience is people who would be interested in the news. I learnt a fair bit about the event that happened and realised what a tragic event it was. If anything was to be added it would be more information and people’s opinions on the event. This would give more of an impact to the storify. Overall it is a well done Storify which displays hard news which is quite difficult to do in this format, but in this Storify it has been done in a successful way which should be commended.


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