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Week 4 Blog

Planning For Assignment 3:

Possible events:

-Yeppoon City Slider
-Rockhampton home show and camping, caravan, camping, 4×4 and fishing expo.

I plan to cover one of these events in depth by extracting as much information and opinions on the events. It should be rather easy to get information and photos from these events. There are many aspects to both of these events that I would like to cover such as the publics opinions on the event, how everything went for the organizers, and if they plan to do the event again, as well as any bonus aspects which I can find.

Why Planning is important:

  • Planing makes the objectives which you want to achieve much clearer.
  • Planning creates ideas which may not have been come across without planning.
  • Planning makes decision making much more clear.


Issues with the poorly written story:

The story veered off topic and talked way too much about Pattinson’s body guard rather than Pattinson himself. There was a massive overuse of the words ‘It has’, ‘It is’ and ‘It was’. This causes the flow of the story very unpleasant to read. The title suggests that the story is about Pattinson talking about his new film but instead rather it is O’neil’s point of view for most of the story. This shows that the title is misleading and not as relevant as it should be. There is also a lot of information which is very irrelevant to the story and describes too much about certain things which are not productive towards reaching the overview of the story. There is also very little structure to this and all different segments are scrambled throughout the story.

What is good about the well written story:

This news story has excellent structure as it puts the most important details at the start of the story whilst the not so important details towards the end. Essentially it is following the structure of the inverted pyramid.

News story structure

The story also posts essential facts very clearly, and has spaced out each part of critical information to make it easy to find and read.

The story also has a good use of quotes, which shows the perspective of the actual person.

It also has survey statistics which works well as evidence for specific details on the story.

Finally, there is a link to where you can ask for enquiries which is very helpful for certain people.


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