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Week 5 Blog


My Parents Michelle and David Stewart have many things which are important to them in life. I conducted an interview and at first glance the results seemed to be very similar, but after looking through them into a bit more detail I uncovered there were some differences among the similarities.

Both Mum and Dad said that their family and work were on their highest list of what is most important to them, but both for different reasons.

Michelle implied that work was important to keep herself busy and live a happy life; “I don’t like working, but when I don’t work, I don’t know what to do to keep myself busy. But overall the advantages of keeping myself busy and gaining income to live a happy life makes it all worth it” said Michelle.


For Michelle this was a good reason to work; to keep herself busy, and have income to live a happy life. Michelle considered herself content with work and was assured that is why it is important to her.

On the other hand David explained that he worked to support the family to have income for the family and for when he retires. David explained¬†he didn’t particularly like many aspects of work but rather does it because it needs to be done. “I don’t really like anything about work, but it has to be done to support the family and have enough income to support myself for when I retire. I don’t think I would work if there was no income” said David.


This shows that David does not have any reason or enjoyment to working other than income, whilst Michelle uses work to keep herself busy and live a happy life.

This was interesting as what was important to them was so similar. But the reasons behind the importance’s were so different.

Article of impact:


This article has a massive impact though many aspects involved. There is extensive sources of the event which go into deep detail. This gives a strong sense of the devastation which happened. These sources are very confronting, especially the source with the father nurturing his daughter as it shows their connection. Unfortunately it unveils how that connection is now vanished which makes a very sorrowful mood. The speech in the article was powerful through the use of very strong descriptive words. The reporting was done in a way to deliver hard news which is very appropriate for this article.

sadThis article is a good example of journalism and media writing as it has many aspects which are key to having a successful article. These include:

  • There is a smooth flow, and good transition
  • Follows the inverted pyramid structure with events clearly written at top of article
  • It really emphasises the content

Gives all of the information you would expect that would be wanted with clarity

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