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Week 6 Blog

Captions tell a story

Waking up and heating up coffee machine by pressing the on button.


The Coffee machine displays ‘heating up’ message.


Coffee Machine is heated and ready to go!


Getting milk ready to be heated.


Place heated milk in cup below.


Coffee is being dispatched into cup.


Stirring to mix milk and coffee.


About to enjoy my cup of coffee.

Cirque de soleil media kit review:


The supplementary media for the Varekai is a decent use of media as it has lots of positives to it such as good structure, clarity and its efficiency. However, in my opinion, some areas it could be more to the point information. The information follows a very good descending order of importance with the most important facts right at the start in the overview.

There is a vast amount of sources and information in this website where you could almost get knowledge on any part of the play you wanted. The site shows and explains the play very well and into quite a bit of detail.


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