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Week 8 Blog

Personally using a network:

Using a certain network such as twitter to show interests on a certain topic is a good standard use. This network could display an interest of soccer which allows the giving of information about soccer, the tips/tricks and specifics of it. This over time has a high chance of gaining a following and interest of the public which can ultimately turn a standard soccer player into a professional

Professionally using a network:

There are many ways to professionally use a network. For example if you have a large following on twitter, you would be able to advertise products for a certain company on your site, sometimes for a large amounts of money. Your network will soon become a billboard to where you advertise many different things.


Review of the social media network:

Twitter is a social media sight which has many positives to it. The site is very efficient to use, and with the use of tags you can easily find your way around to what you want to see. The network is very popular allowing some people have millions of followers. Having followers can be a good thing as they could be fans, friends or just simply be interested in what you are posting. Having a lot of followers can result in wealthiness if treated professionally.

The interface of twitter is very user friendly and can be used easily by anyone! It is a very easy way to connect with friends, fans, idols, celebrities, sports stars or even certain companies or businesses. It is just like having all your favorite people in your house whenever you want them. This is an advantage as it allows for easy contact between friends and fans as well as a fast way to contact people who they desire.

You can pretty much use twitter how you want as there are many different things you can do and have access to. Some people use twitter for the news, some use it to find out gossip and scandals whilst others just use it for the interaction with people. You can use twitter to ask a question to people all over the world and get an answer back in seconds rather than hours. Finally, you may also use twitter to find yourself employment as there are many people and businesses hiring throughout the network, find out what is trending and what other peoples opinions of topics and events are.


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